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Cadesha Prawl


Cadesha Prawl

Cadesha Prawl works at a major health insurance company and in her role, she serves as an Accessibility Maven, ensuring digital assets are ADA and WCAG compliant.

Born in St. Catherine, Jamaica (West Indies), and raised in Norwalk, CT, Cadesha earned her undergraduate and MBA at Southern Connecticut State University. Cadesha has contributed to a number of non-profit organizations aligning with youth, empowerment, and sports, that includes the Hopkins School Parent Association, Girl Scouts of America, Project Youth Court New Haven, West Haven Seahawks Pop Warner Football, and New Haven Seminoles AYF Football. Cadesha serves on the board of the League of America Bicyclists and is a certified League Cycling Instructor. She brings a passion for cycling and empowering women to join her for a ride. Cadesha enjoys spending time outdoors with her three children and husband.

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