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Websites and Groups:

New Haven Area:

State of Connecticut:
  • Bike Walk Connecticut - Aims to promote the development of safe and connected biking and walking infrastructure and to provide bike safety education within Connecticut

  • Connecticut Public Transportation Council - Council members are appointed by the Governor and senior leaders of the General Assembly. The Council works with the CT Department of Transportation and the various rail and CT transit service providers to bring forth the experiences of bus and rail commuters and ensure their voices are heard.

  • Connecticut Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board - Meets with and advises CT DOT on bicycle and pedestrian isssues. Submits an annual report on pedestrian & bike rider crash fatalities and recommendations.

  • Connecticut Vision Zero Council - Interagency work group tasked with developing statewide policy to eliminate transportation-related fatalities and severe injuries

  • CTrides - Program of the CT Department of Transportation to benefit residents, employers, and employees. CTrides' mission is to make commuting more efficient, sustainable, and rewarding for everyone involved. By embracing alternative transportation options such as public transit, teleworking, carpooling, walking, and biking, we can reduce congestion, improve air quality, and create a healthier environment for all.

  • CT CHEAPR - This program at the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection handles electric vehicle incentives, including the new e-bike incentive program.

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