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Jody Rosen Visit Recap!

Jody Rosen, author of the book Two Wheel Goods: The History and Mystery of the Bicycle visited New Haven on November 11th and presented a fact-filled and admiring history of the bicycle. According to Rosen, the bicycle is a vehicle more people use than any other for transportation, recreation, and their livelihood. Jody, a contributing writer for the NY Times Magazine offered a world-view of bike culture with an emphasis on the reliance of the “global south” to move people and goods. Accompanying his words with compelling photos of bicycles hauling a diversity of commodities, often of enormous weights and sizes, Jody proved to be a captivating speaker. NCAT sponsored Jody’s visit on November 11 in collaboration with the Meister Eckhart Center of Albertus Magnus College and Possible Futures Bookstore. The next morning, Jody held an intimate conversation with patrons of Possible Futures as he talked about urban bike culture and the Black and Brown youth who have taken to the streets with their trick bicycles. Jody advocated ways to support the youth as well closing many more streets to car traffic and open for the enjoyment and transportation of people. Copies of Two Wheels Good are available at Possible Futures. NCAT extends appreciation to Jody for taking time to visit New Haven.

If you were unable to make it to the talk, please see the video on YouTube!

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