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CT's E-Bike Incentive Program Launch

Banner image for the e-bike incentive program launch on June 28th in Connecticut

Connecticut (and New Haven) e-bike buyers should learn more about the exciting e-bike incentive program that is launching on June 28th. There is a baseline $500 incentive and an additional $1,000 incentive for those fulfilling any of the three following qualifiers:

The incentive program requires an application for the voucher before you make the purchase (link here once the program launches) and the kickoff phase only applies to e-bikes purchased from a local Connecticut bike shop. Excitingly, the e-bike incentive voucher applies at the point of sale and you don't need to wait around for a rebate check in the mail.

There is a $3,000 cap on the purchase price for the e-bikes that qualify for this incentive. To qualify for the program the e-bike lneeds to come with a warranty and a certification for the electronic components, which keeps very low quality offerings off the list.

Financing: New Haven and Hartford County residents could also qualify for financing the remaining purchase price of their e-bike with this innovative e-bike loan program from Connex Credit Union.

Learn more about the Connecticut e-Bike Incentive Program at a June 22nd lunchtime webinar (12pm-1pm) - register for the webinar here.

And let's chat more about the e-Bike Incentive Program at the June 23rd Bike Shop Breakfast at College Street Cycles, 8am-9am.

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