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Only 8% of CT's e-Bike Incentives are Funded

In the first year of the innovative Connecticut e-Bike Incentive Program, there were 6,343 applications in just 10 days that the application window was open in July 2023. Of those, only 8% (500) are funded in the program's first year. A statewide coalition of organizations is sharing this petition to get more of those incentives fulfilled with EV incentive budget - while making other thoughtful improvements to the program.

NCAT is excited that there is so much excitement for clean, zero emissions, healthy e-bike mobility. This is an enormous opportunity for the state to clean up emissions while improving public health, especially in communities where the tailpipe pollution has been historically most concentrated.

Only 8% of CT e-bike incentive applications are funded in the first year of the program. There is a petition to increase the funding level from the electric vehicle budget and make other improvements to the program.

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