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EV and e-Bike Meeting, Dec 14th

You can learn more about the Connecticut EV and e-bike incentive programs on Thursday, December 14th at the virtual CT CHEAPR Board Meeting, 3-5pm.

NCAT and several other groups are asking CT DEEP to improve the new e-bike incentive program. If you want to support those recommendations or make your own public comment, that is part of the meeting agenda.

e-Bike Incentive Program Improvement Recommendations:

  1. E-Bike Incentives should be at least 30% of the total electric vehicle funding for the 2023 to 2025 CT CHEAPR budget. E-bikes are more effective at reducing lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector. At the same time, e-bikes are much more affordable and can equitably serve cities and communities where unhealthy automotive air pollution has been historically concentrated.

  2. Adjust E-Bike and EV Car Incentive Levels: E-Bike prices are coming down as more manufacturers compete. The e-bike incentives should be reduced in the next application window to a $400 baseline and $800 Voucher+ add-on. That would be a maximum $1,200 e-bike voucher for low income and geographically qualified applicants. With the current 3-year CHEAPR budget, 30% of available funds for e-bikes, and $1,200 e-bike vouchers, the program would reach 3,887 Voucher+ applicants, many more than the current plan. Just as e-bicycle incentives need adjustment, CT DEEP and the CHEAPR Board should reduce EV car rebates not going to low-income recipients.

  3. When Fulfilling Voucher+ Incentives Prioritize Low-Income Households: Before the 2nd round of applications is opened, update the eBike Program Terms and Conditions to first fulfill applicants that participate in a state or federal income qualifying program or have an income less than 300% of the Federal Poverty Level. These are the applicants that most need an incentive to purchase an e-bike. To extend the program to as many households as possible, each housing unit should be limited to one e-bike incentive during the 2023-2025 program years - with an exception for those living in congregate housing or experiencing homelessness.

  4. Increase the Purchase Price Cap & Identify Additional Funding: CT DEEP and the CHEAPR Board should work with legislators in 2024 & 2025 to increase the price cap on qualified e-bikes to $5,000 so that family-style and small package delivery cargo e-bikes (e-cargo bike example 1 and example 2) are included. CT DEEP and the CHEAPR Board should also work with the CT State Legislature to secure climate action funds to fulfill ALL e-bike incentive applications.

Connecticut started an e-bike incentive program in July 2023.

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