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NCAT EVENT: The viewing of The Street Project at Albertus Magnus College

Updated: May 1, 2023

The New Haven Coalition for Active Transportation will showcase the film The Street Project and host an open discussion with community members on improving New Haven's streets for all cyclists. As New Haven is a recipient of the Safe Streets and Roads grant, awarding the city $400,000 to improve our inner city streets, sidewalks, bike lanes, and more. Our viewing comes on time to highlight the importance of this awarded grant. Read more about Safe Streets for All grant program here.

Worldwide, more than a million people die in traffic-related crashes each year. Half of those deaths are pedestrians and cyclists. THE STREET PROJECT is an inspiring story about a massive movement across the US and worldwide to reclaim our most significant public spaces, our streets.

Please join us in conversations on how we can continue improving our city—your voice, ideas, & suggestions matter. RSVP Here!

Flyer with information about the March 20th, 2023 showing of The Street Project Documentary in New Haven

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