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Riding Back to School with NCAT

August has so much fun stuff happening that the New Haven Coalition for Active Transportation put together a mid-August Back to School newsletter. Check it out and share it with friends.

What you'll find in the newsletter:

  • Aug 17th - Learn to Shift Gears and Climb Hills

  • Aug 20th - Youth Bike Path Ride at the Newhallville Learning Corridor

  • Aug 26th - Youth Day Neighborhood Block Party and Bike Road-eo in the Dwight Neighborhood

  • Aug 28th - Adult Bike Path Ride starting at the Stetson Branch Library

  • Info about the Oct 13th to 15th League Cycling Instructor weekend seminar

  • Exciting partnerships with both Community Placemaking Engagement Network (CPEN) and Dominate the Day

Image for the Aug 20th Youth Bike Path Ride starting from the Newhallville Learning Corridor that is part of the mid-August 2023 back to school newsletter

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