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Women Changing the Cycling World

NCAT Board Member and League Cycling Coach, Leta Highsmith, was recently featured on the Disrupted podcast with women changing the cycling world:

  • Leta Highsmith: League Cycling Coach with The League of American Bicyclists. She is the first Black woman to be a cycling coach with that organization.

  • Hannah Ross: author of REVOLUTIONS: How Women Changed the World on Two Wheels

  • Katie Walker: Paracyclist for Team USA who competes in track cycling

Leta is teaching the Oct 13th - 15th League Cycling Instructor Seminar in New Haven, training future cycling safety and skill instructors. The New Haven Coalition for Active Transportation is raising funds to sponsor two residents to take that weekend seminar. Your support is needed to continue youth and adult bicycle safety courses and beginner rides in our neighborhoods.

Image encouraging supporters of the New Haven Coalition for Active Transportation to donate and support the certification of local bicycle safety instructors.

You can donate $5 to $500 to support local, diverse bicycle safety instructors

League Cycling Instructors in New Haven:

  • Teach youth bicycle safety and maintenance skills along with healthy, fun and social cycling

  • Run bicycle road'eos that introduce bicycle safety topics to the youngest riders

  • Teach youth, teens, and adults how to ride a bicycle for the first time

  • Lead group rides that build community and increase rider confidence

  • Advocate for safe cycling infrastructure and traffic calming

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